Andrea Pindling Caesar APRN, RN, ENP, FNP-c

Meet Our CEO

Andrea has over 26 years in the medical profession and has seen first-hand how IV therapy has improved her patient’s quality of life. Andrea started her journey in Montreal, Quebec immersing herself in learning French then obtaining a BSN in Nursing, migrating to Texas then to the Atlanta area where she peruses her education at Emory University where she obtains two master degree one in Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-c) specializing in Emergency medicine during her entire career. Currently she owns and operate Improving Nurse Practitioner Skills where she teaches Nurse Practitioner how to perform all the necessary skills, they need to perform their daily jobs.

Andrea is very energic, ambitious, humble and caring, she is always coming up with new ideas, she is full of knowledge and always willing to teach others. At Vitainfuse Therapy we strive to provide excellent service and a unique customer experience. We will earn your business everyday through exceptional customer service, quality products, and best of all we will come to you in the comfort of your home.

Our Vision

Vitainfuse Therapy is owned and operated by Andrea Pindling Caesar with a unique background, wanting to provide the community with high quality and affordable proven Vitamin Nutritional Therapy and other natural services. Our vision is to help to increase health, wellness and health life style with touching hands and caring hearts.

26+ Years Experiences

Medical Experts