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IV therapy is a wellness treatment that delivers vitamins, nutrients, and other healing compounds directly into your bloodstream for immediate benefits. At VitaInfuse Therapy in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Andrea Pindling Caesar, APRN, RN, ENP, FNP-C, and her aesthetic team provide IV therapy in the office or bring it straight to you so you can experience the energy, vitality, and health impacts for yourself. Call today or use this website to schedule your appointment. 
How can i benefit from facials?
Facials are a way to reduce skin congestion, boost your skin’s health, and enhance your appearance. They are particularly helpful if you have hyperpigmentation, acne, blemishes, or other skin complaints. A customized facial can help even out your skin’s texture and coloration. Facials help with skin complaints that include: Dull complexion
Uneven skin tone Oily skin
Enlarged pores Skin irritation
Discoloration Sun damage, including freckles and age spots
Lines and wrinkles For people with healthy skin, a facial deeply cleanses impurities from the pores, so your skin glows. It can also help prevent future breakouts. Regular facials help you achieve an enviable complexion that looks youthful and bright.

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How do facials differ from chemical peels?
Facials usually involve cleansing, gentle exfoliation, extraction, and serum and moisturizer application. Each facial is slightly different, depending on your goals, skin complaints, and the type of facial. A chemical peel involves applying compounds to your face that cause exfoliation of old skin cells and reveal fresh, brilliant skin. The types of chemical peels offered at VitaInfuse Therapy include:

Intimate bleaching This chemical peel lightens your skin and lifts away brown spots, evening out your skin tone without irritation or harm.

VI Peel™ This peel contains a blend of powerful ingredients that work for all skin types. The goal of VI Peel is to improve the texture, tone, and clarity of your skin. It also provides anti-aging benefits by tightening the skin and smoothing skin texture. A VI Peel can also help protect you from future damage. Several types of VI Peel are available, including VI Peel Purify and VI Peel Precision Plus. Find out what type of facial is best for you by calling VitaInfuse Therapy or scheduling an appointment on this website.
why should i invest in regular facials?
Even if you take excellent care of your skin at home, regular facials help you stay beautiful and blemish-free. Facials complement positive habits like a good diet, sunscreen use, and optimal hydration. Facials add extra deep pore cleansing, remove makeup buildup, and help undo sun damage. They also help lessen the effects of aging. 


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