About Andrea

Adult Nurse Practitioner in Stone Mountain, GA

Andrea Pindling Caesar, APRN, RN, ENP, FNP-C

Andrea Pindling Caesar, APRN, RN, ENP, FNP-C, is a wellness and aesthetic specialist at Vitainfuse Therapy in Stone Mountain, Georgia. With over 26 years in the medical field, Andrea has seen firsthand how IV therapy can improve a patient’s life. 

Andrea started her journey in Montreal, Quebec, as a nursing student. She studied French and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. Through Atlanta’s prestigious Emory University, Andrea obtained two master’s degrees: one in Emergency Nurse Practitioner and the other in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Throughout her career, Andrea specialized in emergency medicine. This experience motivates her to take a preventive approach with each of her patients, touting the benefits of IV therapy and general well-being in long-term health. 

Andrea is energetic, ambitious, humble, and caring. A constant innovator, she is full of knowledge and has a passion for education. This passion manifests itself in Improving Nurse Practitioner Skills, which Andrea owns and operates. This program allows Andrea to share her knowledge and teach new and necessary skills to fellow nurse practitioners.

At Vitainfuse Therapy, Andrea strives to provide excellent service and a unique customer experience. She will earn your business daily through exceptional customer service, quality products, and convenience.