IV Therapy


IV Therapy services offered in Stone Mountain, GA

IV therapy is a wellness treatment that delivers vitamins, nutrients, and other healing compounds directly into your bloodstream for immediate benefits. At VitaInfuse Therapy in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Andrea Pindling Caesar, APRN, RN, ENP, FNP-C, and her aesthetic team provide IV therapy in the office or bring it straight to you so you can experience the energy, vitality, and health impacts for yourself. Call today or use this website to schedule your appointment. 

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What is IV therapy?

IV therapy delivers nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, fluids, and other healing compounds intravenously. A needle placed into your vein attaches to a tube that infuses the solution into your vein. 

With IV therapy, the team at VitaInfuse Therapy knows the precise amount of substances introduced into your bloodstream to impact your wellness, energy, hydration, and other healing needs. 

How can I benefit from IV therapy?

Ideally, you should get most of the nutrients you need through food sources. But meeting your needs can be difficult without dedicated dietary guidance, meal planning, and access to high-quality fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Most people find it difficult to achieve optimal wellness and nutrition through food alone. 

Oral supplements can deliver nutrients, but they must bypass your digestive system. Much of any oral supplement you take goes unabsorbed. Plus, supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, so you can never be sure you’re getting what the label says.

IV therapy delivers nutrients right into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system. The team at VitaInfuse Therapy uses high-quality products, so you can be sure you’re getting the right balance of nutrients needed for your body. 

What are the types of IV therapy?

VitaInfuse Therapy offers numerous high-quality compounds for IV delivery or injection. These include: 

  • Glutathione for detoxification, autoimmune support, and skin health
  • Weekend warrior infusion for hangovers or fatigue
  • Vitamin B12 for energy and weight loss
  • Antinausea for illness or chemotherapy patients
  • Vitamin D for mood, skin health, and athletic performance
  • Pain injections for relief from chronic pain due to arthritis or other conditions
  • Zinc for overall good health
  • Keloid treatment to ease scarring

The team also offers lipotropic injections to help optimize fat burning and weight loss. IV therapy and injections can also reduce fat storage and increase insulin resistance.

What is it like to get IV therapy?

The professional team at VitaInfuse Therapy makes your IV therapy experience relaxing and enjoyable. You relax as you sit in a comfortable chair and allow the fluids to drip into your veins. The only discomfort comes during IV placement; you might feel a slight pinch as the need enters your skin. 

Most appointments take just 15 minutes. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Call VitaInfuse Therapy to schedule your IV therapy, or use this website to book.


  • Energy Boost: $159
  • Immune Boost: $169
  • Iron: $350
  • Rookie Myers: $145
  • Myers Cocktail: $199
  • Hangover: $149
  • Migraine: $169
  • Road Runner: $169
  • Diabetic Control: $155
  • Hydration: $119
  • Sinusitis, Allergies, Itching: $149
  • Inner Glow: $159
  • Skinny Me: $149
  • Detox: $199
  • NAD: Prices starting at $250
  • Custom Infusion: Request
  • Glutathione Package: Prices starting at $129
  • Vitamin C Package: Prices starting at $30